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初中看的了,过来做个标记。电影全片就是美美美!不仅角色选的美,场景也美。当时看完悲伤了我一个星期,开始明白原来悲剧的爱情结局更容易入人心扉。现在记得那句我给同学念叨了一个星期的台词就是" I will find you. I will love you. I will marry you and live without shame."

Just text her, phone her.
Do something whilst there's a chance.
because that chance doesn't last forever.
Trust me, Sherlock.
It's gone before you know it,
Before you know it.

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She was wrong about me.

Mary?How so?

She thought that if you put yourself in harm's way, I'd...
I'll rescue you or something,
but I didn't.
Not until she told me to.
And that's how this works.
That's what you are missing.

She taught me to be the man,
She already thought I was.
Get yourself a piece of that.

I cheated on her.
I cheated on you, Mary.
There's a woman on a bus.
And I had a plastic daisy in my hair.
I've been playing with Rosie.
And this girl just smiled at me.
That's all it was.
Just a smile.

We texted constantly.
Remember when?
Every time you left the room,
when you feeding our daughter,
when you were stopping her from crying,
that's when.

That's all it was.
Just texting.
But I wanted more.
And you know something,
I still do.
That's when,

I'm not the man you thought I was.
I'm not that guy.
I never could be.
But that's the point.
That's the whole point.
Who you thought I was...
is the man I want to be.

It's okay.
It's not okay.
but it is what it is.

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